programme de la semaine pour "las fiestas de los Moros i Cristianos"

Samedi 14/07

21:00 - PASACALLE : Parade through the streets of the ports to collect the representatives of the filaes who will participate in the presentation. 
When the parade reaches Avenida Jaime I there will be the opening rocket and switching on of the fiesta decorative lights.
21:30 - VINO DE HONOR : Drinks offered by the Fila Captain Trabuquers in Calle Virgen de Loreto.
22:00 - PRESENTACIÓN DE LAS FIESTAS : Presentation of the Moors and Christians 2017 in Paseo Jaime I.  The presentation will be followed by a mobile disco until 03:30.
00:30 - CENA DE FILAES | Community Dinner with the Filaes in Avenida Jaime I.

Dimanch 15/07

20:30 - XVI CONCIERTO DE MÚSICA FESTERA | Concert of Moors and Christians Music performed by the Centre Artístic Musical de Xàbia in Calle Sevilla.

Lundi 16 Juillet

21:00 - VISITA A LA PLAYA DEL ARENAL | Visit to the Arenal Beach with a parade of the filaes along the Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer.
Afterwards there will be snacks for all participants offered by Rte. La Fontana, Posidonia and Bora-Bora Pub.

Mardi 17/07

20:00 - VISITA AL PUEBLO | Visit to the old town with a parade of the filaes through the streets of the town (Correos · Avenida Principe de Asturias · Placeta del Convent · Calle Virgen de la Merced · Calle El Foguerer · Calle San Jaime). There will be a flower offering to the niche of the fiesta patron San Jaime in Calle San Jaime.

Mercredi 18/07 - Flower Offering

09:30 - MESA DE RECOGIDA DE ALIMENTOS | Food collection in aid of CARITAS at Supermercados Mas y Mas and Coaliment in Avenida Jaime I until 14:00.
20:45 - OFRENDA DE FLORES A SANT JAUME | The offering of flowers to San Jaime starting with a parade through the streets of the port (Arcada Pio X · Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar · Calle Andrés Lambert · Avenida Jaime I · Calle Presidente Adolfo Suárez · Calle Caleta) finishing at the parish church. A donation of food will be made to CARITAS on behalf of the filaes and the Board of Fiestas.
23:00 - CENA DE HERMANDAD | Community dinner in Calle Sevilla followed by a mobile disco until 03:00.

Jeudi 19/07 - Invasion!

21:00 - SALIDA DE LAS TROPAS CRISTIANAS desde el Castillo | Deployment of the Christian troops to their positions on the beach of La Grava to face the invasion of the Moorish troops. 
21:30 - DESEMBARCO DEL BANDO MORO | Recreation of the landing of the Moorish troops with the loud firing of the guns and in collaboration with the Association of Traditional Boats.
22:00 - EMBAJADA Y RENDICIÓN DEL CASTILLO | Diplomatic discussion and surrender of the castle to the Moorish troops in Paseo Jaime I.
00:00 - BATUKADA | Drum parade "Batukada" with Grupo Katuba visiting the diifferent locations of the filaes accompanied by the fiesta participants and general public.

Vendredi 20/07 - Reconquest!

11:00 - ENTRAETA INFANTÍL | Children's Moors & Christians Parade along Calle Pio X and Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar with children participating in the activities of "Verano en Parroquia" - "Summer in the Parish".
17:00 - XXVI TROFEO PEPE PRATS | Valencian pilota tournament between filaes in Calle Virgen de Loreto.
21:00 - BATALLA CON ARCABUCERIA | Gun battle between Moorish and Christian troops on La Grava beach.
21:30 - EMBAJADA Y RECONQUISTA DEL CASTILLO | Diplomatic discussion and reconquest of the castle by Christian troops in Paseo Jaime I.
23:30 - GRAN DISCOMÓVIL with Spam Group | Open-Air Disco with DJs Christian Blond and Paul Smiths in Paseo La Grava until 03:30.
23:30 - DISCOMÓVIL | Open-Air Disco in Calle Dr. Fleming and Calle Virgen del Loreto until 03:30.
00:00 - MÚSICA EN VIVO | Live Music in Calle Manuel Bordes Valls until 03:30.

Samedi 21/07 - Gala Parade & Correfocs

19:30 - ENTRADA DE BANDAS DE MÚSICA | Entrance of the Musical Bands
20:30 - DESFILE DE GALA | Colourful Gala Parade of the Filaes
23:30 - DISCOMOVIL "MORA Y CRISTIANA" | Mobile disco with DJs Dani Wallace, Toni Bup offering the best music of the 80s, 90s and present in Calle Sevilla until 04:00.
00:30 - CORREFOCS | Street Parade with Fireworks with Els Dimons de Mislata (Calle Antoni Llidó · Calle Mare de Déu de Loreto · Paseo Jaime I)

Dimanche 22/07 - Gala Parade 

10:00 - AQUAJOCS | Water games for children in the outer enclosure of the Sports Centre.
10:30 - HELADOS Y CHOCOLATE | Ice Cream and Chocolate offering by the standard bearers in the outer enclosure of the Sports Centre.
12:00 - CELEBRACIÓN DE LA MISA SOLEMNE | Celebration of Solemn Mass in honour of San Jaime and in memory of fiesta members who have passed away.
19:00 - ENTRADA DE BANDAS DE MÚSICA | Entrance of the musical bands who will gather in Paseo Jaime to perform the Pasadoble Xàbia.
20:00 - DESFILE DE GALA | Colourful Gala Parade of the Filaes closed with the special entrance of the Fila Captain 2017 Jalufos.
At the end of the parade there will be a firework display from La Grava beach organised by Pirotecnica Hermanos Caballer.